About this site

My name’s Chris. This site is primarily somewhere for me to store notes, thoughts, snippets of interest mainly relating to computing, technology and learning. Hopefully it may sometimes be of some use to those Googling for a quick solution.


Perusing this site, you may quickly come to the conclusion I am not an IT expert, uber geek or industry consultant. I’m a blind guy with an arts background, who whilst always been around computers, is latterly trying to crawl up up an IT learning curve, for career reasons as well as general curiosity. As I’m using screen reader software, don’t expect to find a lot of stuff here about GUI’s, graphics applications and general image manipulation. If I mention JAWS or Orca, it’s safe to assume, I’m not talking about our toothy marine dwelling friends.

Comments on posts are always welcome. I’d especially like to hear from any blind peple working within the IT industry, be you a sysadmin, developer or manager. Also, it would be great to learn and share tips with any students who’ve taken certification exams are currently studying towards that aim or just enthusiastic learners.