Apple iOS Voiceover Jestures

List of jestures for Voiceover on Apple’s iOS operating system.. At time of writing I’m using iOS 7.

1 finger Gestures

Touching or dragging one finger around the screen: Speaks and selects the item under your finger.

Double tap: Activate item, button, link etc / open app.

Double tap and hold: Activate drag mode, whereby you can drag icons around to rearrange them and delete apps. Whilst in this mode if you lift your finger off the screen and double tap an app icon, you will be prompted to ask if you want to delete it. To exit this mode. press the home button.

Tripple tap: Fast presses a button.

Swipe left or right: Select the previous or next item.

Swipe up or down: Perform or move to the selected rotor option.


Tap 2 times on the clock in status bar to scroll to top in any app.

2 finger Gestures

Hold one finger on the screen and tap with another: Activates split tapping. This is an alternative to the 1 finger double tap to activate a button / open an app.

Tap once: Pause/resume speech.

Tap 2 times: fast Performs special action dependant on context. E.g. pause / resume music playback.

Tap 2 times and hold: Add Label to selected item+.

Tap 3 times: Open Item Chooser for current area.

Swipe up: Read all from first object in selected area. AKA move focus too and read from top of screen.

Swipe down: Read all from focus or selected item.

Scrub back and forth: Go back, cancel, close pop-up.

Pinch out/in: Select/deselect.

Hold and twist left or right: Select the next or previous rotor item.
On the Ipad, you can use the scrub gesture to split/merge keyboard whenit’s selected.

3 finger Gestures

Tap once: Speaks the current page number and position.

Tap 2 times: Toggle speech on/off.

Tap 3 times: Toggle screen curtain on/off.
Swipe left or right: Move to previous / next horizontal screen/page.

Swipe up or down: Move /scroll down / or up. Like moving a paper

Notification centre.

Note: To open notification center select the status bar and swipe 3 fingers down. Also 3 fingers up/down works for pulling down to refresh in many apps. (but can be a problem in some. (like Facebook side bar)

Control centre.

Touch the status area and do a 3 fingered swipe upwards to open the control centre.

4 and 5 Finger Gestures

Four finger double tap: Turn Voiceover help on / off. Enters a mode where you can practise a jesture and here it’s function.

Tap the upper half screen with 4 fingers: Select the first item in the area

Tap the lower half of screen with 4 fingers: Select the last item in the area.