Router Distro Headaches

I mentioned Voyage Linux as the os on my virtual routers. Recently I’ve also been trying to get a couple of others working. Namely, ZeroShell and PFSense.

ZeroShell Is working as a VM but I haven’t got it doing that much. I mainly want to test it as a wireless AP and possible Radius server. It only supports Atheros wireless chipsets of which I have none. The Atheros USB adapter I found may not be entirely straight forward in use it seems. I plan at some point to try this on a PC Engines borrowed Wrap or Alix. as

The appeal of the Debian based ZeroShell to me is that it can be configured through a web based gui. It has a lot of features and the ability to unlock other packages by making a contribution. The 3G failover capability is particularly intriguing but alas I’ve not had much luck with a Huawei E303 dongle.


PFSense is a FreeBSD based router / firewall, again with a web based gui. I have been trying to get this booting on the aforementioned Alix, as it’s setup as a DHCP server out of the box. This hasn’t worked as yet despite following their instructions, updating the Alix bios and so on.

More hopefully when I make progress.